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                  A Profile of LCFS
                      Lanzhou College of Foreign Studies (LCFS), founded in 1998, was put on record at Ministry of Education and approved by the provincial government of Gansu in 2001. It is the only full-time and higher vocational college accredited to confer certificates and diplomas on those who are qualified upon graduation in Gansu province.
                      LCFS is located in Heping development zone of Lanzhou city with an area of more than 500 mu and a floor space of 135 thousand square meters. It now has a current enrollment of over 9,100 students. There are 29 on-campus training bases which are established for different majors such as multi-functional language labs, hotel simulation labs, tourism simulation labs (Resorts Sand Table Simulation Training). Except those, it also has 40 off-campus training bases. There are 7 teaching units such as Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Banking and Finance, Economics & Management Department, Computer Science & Technology Department, Accounting Department, Department of Humanities, College English Department and 40 majors (including directions) like Applied Arabic, Applied Japanese, and Applied English. It runs a system with majors of applied foreign languages as the main part, computer application and managing majors as the two wings.
                      In the process of running the college, we always stick to the public welfare principle of education, execute the educational policies of the party and state, follow the educational regulations of higher vocational education, pay attention to the connotation construction. With employment as the orientation, we adhere to the service objectives, pursue the path of cooperation between the college and enterprises, and coordinated development of scale and quality. And we have established the idea of the college by “experts governing, management establishing, the talented strengthening and quality bettering”, as well as the thought “offering specialties according to personnel requirements by the market, offering courses on the basis of requirements of career posts, linking classroom teaching with the related practical abilities, connecting personnel training with the abilities of creativity”. We promote the college spirit of “Sticking to the duties of our posts, and supporting ourselves with unceasing efforts to self-improvement”. We prefer double-qualified teachers, basic level service orientation, and the applicability of teaching contents and cooperation of ways to talents cultivation. Combining the regional social and economic development, we deepen the cooperation between the college and enterprises and try to build the features of vocational foreign languages talents cultivation.
                  The college pays attention to the adaptation of the talents cultivation to the regional social and economic development, takes specialties construction as guidance, energetically strengthens building-up of teachers and college running conditions, continually deepen the reform of talents cultivation, and optimizes the talents cultivation plan, established a workable supervision system of teaching quality. The college has establishes the Station of Practical English Speaking Test for Higher Vocational College, and many vocational skills evaluation institutions such as CET-4 and CET-6. We have strongly carried out double-certificate system. The college passed the evaluation of the talents cultivation of Education Ministry of China in June, 2009 and achieved the honor of 5A-Class Social Organization of Gansu Province in 2012. The quality of talents cultivation has been promoting continually.
                      In recent years, the college was awarded over 30 titles of honor, such as “National First Batch of Model Units for Creative Management” by China National Administrator Association and China Management & Science Research Institute; “Educational Observation Base” by Educational Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education and Research Center of China’s National Conditions Survey; “Authorized Training Base of National Employability Training Project” by China Association for Employment Promotion and China Project Office of Employment Project of College Graduates. And it also won the honorary titles of “Excellent Team” both in the Student Volunteers’ Social Practice of Summer and Students’ “Three Activities Going to the Countryside” Social Practice Activities, “Red Flag Youth League Branch” by Youth League Committee of Gansu Province, the first prize of acting, the director award and the play-writing award in the first Campus Opera Festival of Gansu Province, the title of “Model Unit in Earthquake Relief Work of Gansu Province” and so forth. Besides, for many years, the college won the prizes in all kinds of English speaking contests such as National Practical English Contest for Vocational College Students, National English Contest for College Students, “FLTRP Cup ” English Public Speaking Contest (the original “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest ), English Speaking Contest of Gansu Province and the like.
                  地址:甘肅省蘭州市和平開發區薇樂大道137號 郵編:730101 郵箱:lz_cfs@163.com 電話:0931-5199166
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